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How To Choose Glass Curtain Wall Spider Fitting

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Now society in the 21st century's standard of living has been constantly improved, also of the exterior of the building now has to improve, and now in the construction industry is one of the most popular glass curtain wall in this industry, because of this glass curtain wall of the stainless steel glass spiders have been known, in the glass curtain wall stainless steel glass spiders are the main help with glass routel, and has the effect of load transferring to the fixed steel supporting structure,Stainless steel glass spiders are very important parts in glass curtain wall.As the glass curtain wall industry is getting stronger and stronger, however, on the market need stainless steel glass spiders requirements also more and more.

General customers in selecting stainless steel glass spiders, generally need to know the glass is stronger than the stainless steel glass to decide the weight of the spiders, which is the heavier said in a comprehensible way of stainless steel glass spiders can withstand the greater the force of the glazing, in addition to the weight of the stainless steel glass spiders also needs to meet the national standard,The so-called national standards is the stainless steel glass spiders containing chromium and nickel is a certain amount of provisions, because of the amount of chromium and nickel how much directly determines the stainless steel glass spiders are rusty problem.Some poor quality of stainless steel is relatively low, the nickel content is not in conformity with the national standards, after a long time or after the wind and rain is easy to rust, but everyone at the time of purchase is look not to come out, because the surface is the same, it is better than the national standard of the stainless steel link claw half of cheap, so a lot of time some businesses in the fight, meet the demand of buyers in the heart, and is not only the problem of rust, in stainless steel glass spiders also sell at a discount greatly strong level,Is much less than the national standard of the stainless steel glass spiders, so procurement must not covet is cheap and ignore the quality, and the problem has a great influence on the safety of the construction.

In addition to the stainless steel glass spiders outside the content of chromium and nickel content in the heavier, the thickness of the spiders is particularly important, stable rate of the glass curtain wall and also have to determine the thickness of the pressure resistance, is, of course, the thicker the material will be the stronger, don't underestimate the thickness of a little gap, even a difference of 0.1 mm, then it is its ability to resist pressure differ hundreds of kilograms.

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