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Special precautions when installing glass spider fittings

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2018

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Nowadays, the development of the construction market is getting better and better, and the stainless steel material is more widely used everywhere. The stainless steel glass spider is an important equipment used in curtain wall engineering and connected with the stainless steel spider.The stainless steel glass spider connection allows the glass to bend freely under the action of wind pressure. With the same thickness of glass, it can be connected with a larger area of glass curtain wall.Attach the specially treated safety glass to a light steel load-bearing structure in an open space.Generally, the connection connection passes through the glass, and the glass is fixed on the steel structure. It is characterized by that the glass installation form is neither installed in the frame like the open frame curtain wall glass, but connected to the building body, nor glued on the aluminum frame like the hidden frame curtain wall glass.In fact, there are many factors that can deform the structure: strong wind pressure, glass deadweight, roof snow, thermal expansion, load of cleaning equipment, and shaking of buildings.Since the stress around the glass hole after installation is considerable, the glass used in the connection system must be specially treated tempered or tempered glass.The drilling patterns on the glass are divided into straight holes and tapered holes according to the form of the selected connection pieces.Generally speaking, as long as the structural deformation and system are not incompatible, all types of load-bearing structures can be used, such as glass panel bars, metal mullions, spatial structures, invisible structures, there are many possible load-bearing structures.The design of the structure takes into account the limitations of glass and loading and adopts measures to prevent the deformation of glass which tends to break.


Life-Style reminds you that the quality of stainless steel connection and connection claw is very important, which is the guarantee of the quality and safety of the glass curtain wall.Therefore, we must purchase stainless steel splicing claws and splicing joints from normal stainless steel manufacturers, and do not choose cheap informal products because of cheap prices, otherwise it will bring you double losses of economy and safety.

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