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Carbon steel elbow in the production should pay attention to what?

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

In order to obtain a compact, high-performance carbon steel elbow, it is necessary to choose the appropriate forging temperature, speed and deformation force. In the early deformation of bending of carbon steel elbow, the porous precast parts are easily deformed, the deformation force is small, and the density increases rapidly. Most of the clearance is closed after the flange is forged, so the deformation resistance increases.

To eliminate the left gap, the deformation force should be increased rapidly. In the production process, deformation resistance and deformation temperature are closely related, the higher the deformation temperature, the better the elbow tightness, deformation resistance decreased.

If the high deformation speed can also improve the tightness of the elbow, these two points in the production is very important, the impact of the flange elbow is relatively large. The method of flat welding can avoid the coarse grains in high temperature forging, avoid the norm, save energy and improve the service life of carbon steel elbow. At the same time, the flange elbow must be under pressure protection before preheating.

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