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Characteristics Advantages of Butt weld elbow you know what?

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

1, the welding elbow production efficiency is high, simple operation, easy to achieve mechanization and automation. Since stamping is a stamping die and stamping equipment to complete the processing of production, the general stamping travel time of about dozens of times per minute, high-speed pressure of up to hundreds of times per minute or even more than a minute, each stroke may be perforated.

(usually no theoretical strokes per minute)

2, due to the cold deformation hardening effect of the material in stamping, the strength and rigidity of the punching elbow is higher.

3, the size range of welding elbow can be processed.

4, the welding elbow less waste, less waste of raw materials, do not need other heating equipment, is a saving material and energy-saving processing methods. 

5, because of the mold caused by the stamping elbow, to ensure the size and shape of the press elbow precision.

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