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Analysis On The Process Of Carbon Steel Elbow Production Need To Master

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Carbon steel elbow is mainly used for the connection of the corner of the pipe, can connect two pipes of the same diameter, pipe as an angle turn. The carbon steel elbow according to the connection method, can be divided into socket, wire buckle and other ways.

Carbon steel elbow production process is complex, so to master a certain skill.

At present, most of the carbon steel elbow push production process will adopt the medium frequency induction heating technology, which is a new high efficiency and energy saving process.

In the production of large diameter pipe, the carbon steel reducer molding zone needs to add an insulation cleaner, can prevent the steel pipe by the environmental temperature shrinkage. The heat-sensitive device and the thermal insulation sensor are combined into a kind of combined inductor which is heated during pre-heating and variable-diameter forming. This kind of combination is more common in the production of large caliber pipes, and it is equally effective in the production of elbow in stainless steel.

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