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A Brief Account Of The Daily Maintenance Of Carbon Steel Elbow

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

1, Carbon steel elbow installation, the carbon steel elbow can be connected directly to the pipe on the road, in accordance with the location of the installation.

Carbon steel elbow in the installation should pay attention to the tightness, prevent leakage phenomenon, affecting the normal operation of the pipeline.

2, carbon steel elbow long-term storage of carbon steel elbow, should be scheduled for inspection, often exposed to the surface of the processing must be kept clean, remove dirt, neatly stored in the indoor air dry place, is not allowed to heap or open storage.

Always keep the carbon steel elbow dry and ventilated, keep the device clean and tidy, according to the accurate storage method storage.

3, Carbon steel elbow ball valve, globe valve, valve when used, only for full-open or fully closed, do not promise to regulate the flow, so as to avoid the sealing surface by erosion, accelerated wear. The valve and the upper threaded stop valve has an inverted sealing device, the handwheel is screwed to the top position to prevent the media from leaking from the filler.

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