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Seamless Butt Welding Elbow Production Process

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

1, Butt welding elbow before installation, pipe section should be measured by root, numbering, it is advisable to choose the smallest pipe diameter of the pipe joint group pair. 

2, the next tube should first check the internal and external anti-corrosion layer of the pipe section, qualified rear can be under the tube. When the pipe section is composed of pipe sections, the length of the pipe segment, and the distance, shall be determined according to the pipe diameter, wall thickness, material types of the outer anticorrosive layer and the bottom tube method.

3, the pipe to remove the dirt clean, and the edge of the mouth and welding both sides of the polished clean, so that it exposed metal luster, making groove. 

4, when the ambient temperature is less than 0 ℃, the welding must be covered with asbestos after completion. Weld slag is removed after welding elbow welding is finished.

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