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How to chose shower hinge?

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2018

HOW TO CHOSE Shower Hinge?

Shower Hinge

Shower Hinges are a type of hardware use to support the door of a shower while allowing for smooth and easy operation. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of Shower door hinges, depending on the design and layout of the room. But how do they know which type to chose? Here introduce three basic type shower hinge.

1. Side Mounted Shower Hinge

Shower Hinge

Side mounted shower hinges serve as one of the most widely-used types of shower door hinges. These units can be used on showers where the door is mounted to a wall. They consist of a two metal plates, or leaves, that connect at a 90-degree angle. One of the plates is screwed into the wall, while the other wraps around the edge of the glass door. This type of hinges avoid the need for a header or top support bar, which detracts from a frameless look, also it can be sealed to improve water tightness.

2. Glass to Glass Shower Hinge

Shower Hinge Shower Hinge

Glass-to-Glass Hinges connected two glass sheet in a single plane, and are designed to support the weight of the door off of the surrounding glass rather than the wall. Base on the different shape of shower room, three angle is most been seen in the market, 180 degree, 135 degree and 90 degree, using glass-to-glass side mount hinges means a second glass panel gets precision cuts to hold its end of the hinge. This adds to the total project cost.

3. Pivot Shower Hinge

Shower Hinge

A pivot shower hinge is secured top-to-bottom. It's this hinge type that allows a door revolving door to spin, while staying in place. Only most pivot-hinged shower doors mount top-to-bottom at the corners of the door, allowing the door to swing 180 degrees in each direction. Pivot hinges that are center-mounted create a true revolving door. They are mostly attached at the far corners of the door, creating an uninterrupted frameless viewmount floor-to-ceiling can reduce the cost of glass fabrication. More, Pivot Shower Hinge doors carry the weight at the bottom of the door, and are thus very stabilized by a structurally sound floor.


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