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Calculation method of flange weight of stainless steel

Dongguan Life-Style Casting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Carbon steel flange does not have to use stainless steel bolts, stainless steel bolts are used to facilitate disassembly (carbon steel easy to rust), in some can not be hot or other special occasions may also be selected.

In the carbon steel flange This session constantly thrown up a variety of new items, in the steel pipe this kind of steel pipe industry also continued to develop the creation of high-type goods to sell steel pipe.

In fact, carbon steel flange is also in the range of steel to slowly develop, carbon steel flange blanks are also in the production of carbon steel flanges left behind the hair, however, these carbon steel flange steel-type parts left to create a carbon steel flange blank.

The carbon steel flange is divided into the neck butt welding, with the neck flat welding, socket welding and threaded flanges are generally made of forgings or forging and rolling process.

When manufactured with steel or steel, the following requirements must be met: One, the steel should be cut in the direction of the rolling in strips, by bending the welding into a ring, and the surface of the steel to form a cylindrical surface.

Do not use steel plate directly machined into a neck flange.

Second, the steel plate should be ultrasonic flaw detection, no delamination defects; Third, the butt weld of the ring should adopt the full penetration weld seam, the use of carbon steel bolts also do not need to add insulating gaskets and sets of barrels, coupled with insulating gaskets and barrels is only used for the possibility of electric or pipeline fluid is flammable and explosive occasions, this occasion to choose stainless steel bolts also need to add insulating gaskets and sets of barrels.

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